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Welcome to Travability Images

Our mission is to be agents of change; to inspire people who have never traveled before to do so, and to inspire others to do more. To encourage all cultures of the world to see disability as an integral part of life, and to provide the motivation and tools to the tourism industry to allow them to create accessible environments that enable inclusion in an economically sustainable way.

The disability sector represents more than 20% of the population and is growing in strength. Like all of us, when people with a disability shop, travel or engage in leisure pursuits, they rarely do it on their own. The multiplier is almost a factor of 3 once family, friends or business associates are all taken into account.

Through Travability Images, we are making available a large collection of stock imagery featuring people with a disability engaging in travel, recreation and sport. We are also featuring accessible destinations and some of the world's best examples of accessible infrastructure.

We cover major disability sporting events and those images are available for editorial and blog use.

Bill Forrester
Curator/Photographic Director 

A freelance part time photographer who has been taking pictures for over 35 years. Most of my early photography was landscapes and wildlife in some of the most most exotic and remote locations including Nepal, Africa and South America. I have recently diversified into lifestyle and travel photography, including capturing the essence of accessible and adventure tourism. I believe in full inclusion in the modelling and advertising industry and welcome models of all abilities.

I have had a life long love affair of Olympus equipment from my first OM1 through to the very latest aquisition the OMD EM-1



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